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Pump controller


| Capability

   HXFX series fluid controller are conclude domestic same kind's product which use empirical, basis on each inundation pump trade common develop successful. Because adopt advanced primary device and physical control's style, possess short, overload, break look, lose press protect function, it install convenience control line simple, action dependable, longevity long, as soon as install doesn't need maintain feature. Extensive should be used for high level's building's automatic water supply, automatic decontaminate and all sorts of's industry supply, drainage, fire-fighting water pump control, dirty pump's automatic control device.

| Compound switch line

    (a) brown express float ball the party line.

    (b) blue express always open.

    (c) black express always close (there is two group of contactor which is always open or always close , express enter water or drainage) .

| Single pump controlling mode 

    (a) point ABCD, A, B control on upper pond (water tank) ,C, D control under pool (water tank) ,doing pump racing's shi ting's protection.

    (b) When a pool of water is complacence, float ball's nature raise (picture 1),like White ball show, blue's line with brown for always open, water pump stop job; when water tank have not water, float ball's nature droop under, brown's line with blue's line's closure, water pump's automatic open.

    (c) under a pool of water tank, under recharge of certain height, float ball's nature raise float (picture 2) ,Like black ball show, black's line with brown's line's electrify, under water level show water condition, water pump can at any time job; instantly pond water shortage's time's float ball nature droop under, black's line with brown's line's power-off, water level be in need watering condition, water pump can not job, gets up protect water pump's effect (or automatic decontaminate finish) ,water pump stop job.

    (d) suppose not need control's under pool, only control on upper pond, please connect C,D leadwire

   Click. .....Install picture


| Dual Pump Controlling Mode

    (1)Two pumps a host and a back .

    (2)A pump underlying usage, as A pump breakdown, B pump usage.

    (3)One or two pump possess ordinary manual and automatic two kind of control function.

    (4)A pump and B pump can manual switch, Arbitrary usage.

| Dual Pump Controller Function

   As choice" automatism "mode, if execute in de electrical machiney because pass flow but tripping operation, this moment can appear breakdown signal, A pump stop job, by delay behind time (delay time's time can according to need at scene adjustment) ,B pump that be ahead of time dive into take the place of job, A pump's breakdown's lamp change into always light or twinkle, remind maintain personnel pay attention to, help this' scheme's practicality possess automatic rotate work add a pump breakdown another a pump automatic delay time self-preservation function.

| Attention Item

    Controller with water pump de clean distance should not be less than 2.0m, as guarantee execution, maintain safety.

    This control point by wall install proceed designer, as economize pumping station de building area, be like consumer need leave wall, indoor, outdoor installation, please especial bring up at order's time.

    Use ambient humidity not be more than 95%.

    Cabinet want strict point country relevance's norm request's proceeding conductive earth's connection.

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