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    KG3022T microcomputer ring bell is compatible product of electronic clock, calendar and programme-controlled to ring bell , extensively suitable for such units as the school , organ , station , quay , factory , hospital ,etc. doing the electronic calendar, time showing, periodic automatic control rings bell , illumination , radio and various kinds of electric apparatuses.

| 性能指标

   ※ Electronic calendar clock function
    1. The day, month and year , week, time, with rejecting showing, the data of a century of the memory at present, leap month of leap year for discrimination automatically.
    2. The precision while leaving: Monthly error is smaller than 4 seconds, possessing the function of automatic to adjust.
    3. Protect function losing power: Data and ring bell program isn't affected by lose power, The clock is while still keeping going (screen isn't display) while losing power in the machine.

    ※ Function programme-controlled to ring bell
    1. Timing range: Wanton , shortest definitely in 24 hours of whole day
    2. Time separates: One minute (No. two). Establishing the procedure by day. The any circulation in week . The data can be duplicated, can be inquired about.
    3. Ring bell time is adjustable: Formal bell is 1-30 second , prepare bell is 1-20 seconds .
    4. Power load: Ring bell 1000W ,Electric 1000W , Voltage 220V .

    ※ Set up information capacity
    1. Prepare bell: 24 item every day
    2. Formal bell: 24 and 48 item provided two kinds of specifications every day, show by the figure behind of the type , please point out while ordering.
    3. Electric apparatus: 12 item every day.

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