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Microcomputer time-control switch

  According to the setting time of the customer,the product can open close the power of various electrical equipment.It can control road lamp,neon lamp,advertising signboard lamp,production equipmwnt ,and so on circuit equipment and household electrical appliances required to open and close the power at fixed time.


  1.It can control the power up to 6KW ditectly
  2.The daily travel-time residual is less than 0.5s
  3.The inside can charge the electricity freely when the power is out of
  4.It can set the operation of 6-open and 6-close at most per day
  5.Easy to install and adjust
  6.The switch time can cycle daily and weedly
  7.The longest control time is 168h,the shortest control time 1m


  1.Operation voltage: 220V/50HZ
  2.Available voltage range: 160V240V
  3.Switch capacity: Resistive load 25A, inductive load 20A
  4.Power consumption:<5VA
  5.Time-control range:1m168h
  6.Environment temperature:-2560
  7.Timing residual:travel time is less than 0.5s per day
  9.Overall dimension:120 74 58(mm)
  10.Weight :430g


  1.In order to avoid the contact glows through the strong current,please tighten the screws on the wiring terminal when wiring.
  2.Connect the switch inlet on the power 220V only,not 380V.
  3.If the inlet sire has the power,the red indicatou of switch will not light.Please check if the fuse on the panel is clearing.If it is ,please replace it with the new fuse of 0.1A-0.15A

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